Build your Node.js & React SaaS app faster

Rocket is a SaaS boilerplate for building production-ready apps with Node.js, React, and MongoDB. The app comes with features including authentication, payments, teams, UI, Docker support and more.

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"We were looking for an affordable SaaS Boilerplate to kick start development of our SaaS Portal. All the products we evaluated were either too costly or key functionalities missing. Rocket provided the best combination of affordable cost and all the functionalities we needed to minimise our go to market time. We wholeheartedly recommend Rocket to everyone we know."

Dr. Subalalitha CN
Founder & Director - 
FirstLanguage Technologies

"The SaaS Boilerplate made our development faster because we did not have to spend time to work on our Stripe integration and user management. The layers of the applications are highly organised and can be great bases of bigger products as well. The API endpoints are simple and secure. We got the necessary support for deploying the applications which was easily manageable."

Jeff Attwood
Founder - 
Join The Drop
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Build your SaaS app with Rocket

Building a SaaS app from scratch takes time. You need to decide on what to build, pick a programming language, pick a web framework, pick a CSS framework. Save weeks of time implementing basic features like authentication and billing, and start working on your product instantly.

  • SaaS Landing page, React UI components, and API integration

  • Secure Authentication and User Management

  • Subscription payments with Stripe

Simple setup at zero cost

Rocket is a production-ready Node.js React boilerplate which can be customized to best suit your SaaS app.

The codebase comes with build and run scripts along with a documentation to help you launch in no time.

The code is structured in a modular fashion which makes it easy to understand and navigate. Also, adding new features and UI elements is much more simple by using the basic building blocks.

Checkout code demo >
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One SaaS boilerplate with all the features you need


Rest API with validation and built-in docs. Protection against brute-force attacks.

Multi-tenancy with Teams

Allow users to create teams and work effortlessly with teammates


Advanced JWT authentication with protection against CSRF and XSS attacks.


OAuth Authentication using Passport.js via GitHub and support for Facebook, Google, Twitter and others


Manage users directly from the dashboard. No need to manually look into the database.

Docker support

Deploy your app in minutes with Docker and docker-compose support built-in.

SSL certificates

Free and automatic SSL certificates using Let's Encrypt, move your app from HTTP to secure HTTPS.


MongoDB object data modeling using Mongoose.


Centralized error handling mechanism and proper UI error display.


Integrated subscription management and billing system built with Stripe.


SaaS landing page, dashbord and React components. No design skills required.


Pre built components: forms, tables, modals, cards and more. Extremely easy to add and modify components.


Responsive UI built using tailwind CSS which works seamlessly across all devices.


Manage permissions and restrict access for each user group.


Special focus on code quality for ease of understanding and better performance.

Single Project


Unlimited Projects

Special holiday offer. Comes with lifetime updates.

Rocket SaaS Boilerplate is the perfect starting point for your next Node.js React app to build full-stack SaaS application. Start with a template that comes with features including authentication, billing, teams, and more.

Full Source Code

Life-time Updates

Email Support

Private Slack workspace

Complete Documentation

Commercial Project License

Building a SaaS? Give yourself a head start with Rocket.

Save weeks or months of time building your SaaS application.

Reduce cost

Save hundreds of dollars spent on basic setup and engineeting costs.

Improve Efficiency

With frequent updates to the boilerplate, ensure complete focus on your product.

Launch time

Reduce time to market by getting a headstart with this boilerplate.

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